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Heather Avery E-RYT 500 - Singer, Yogini, and anatomy Geek created Rockstar Yoga as a way to transform students from the inside out by getting in touch with their inner Rockstar.  Heather teaches so much more than yoga postures.  She guides each student on a heart centered journey to realize his or her power and potential. Heather teaches anatomy, has more than a decade of experience in therapeutic body work, and focuses on healthy alignment  Classes are centered around challenging your mind and body no matter what level you practice at. In her classes she focuses on building postures from the ground up to prevent injury and grow your practice. The star of the yoga practice is YOU!

Heather's Story

Heather began her yoga journey the same way that so many do.  She was looking to get strong and more flexible.    Child abuse, and bullying in her early years had affected how she viewed herself.  Not only was her body tight tight, she also suffered from anxiety and depression. The more she practiced things began to shift. When she signed up for teacher training she never intended to become a teacher. Heather wanted to deepen her own practice and understand  why yoga made her feel so wonderful physically, mentally, and emotionally.  With the physical demands of her job at the time her body began to open, and she was able to make peace with her present and past. In 2008 a friend asked her to sub a class. Heather reluctantly agreed, and then never looked back. It brought her greater joy to share the gift called yoga that made such a dynamic impact in her life.   With a background in therapeutic massage her knowledge of anatomy drew her even deeper into her teaching role. Not only did she continue on to get her advanced teacher training, she began to teach anatomy to yoga teachers,  Thai bodywork, and alignment workshops for students and teachers. Heather currently fills her classroom teaching  workshops, heart centered Vinyasa flow to all levels, and restorative yoga with proper alignment as her main focus.  Rockstar Yoga  was created  as a way to  connect with the divine being inside each of us on and off the mat.   She strives to challenge her students while taking a light hearted loving , modern approach in the ancient art of yoga to make her students feel comfortable , confident and empowered . When Heather isn’t teaching you may find her spending time with family, writing and recording music for the mat....  (Album coming soon)